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Kaptano is a startup in the field of heavy load transportation by cargo companies. This total includes two applications, a management panel for the cargo company and a general management panel for webmasters:

  • In the operator’s application, the operator can register and track the loads available to find the trucker.
  • In the trucker’s app, he can see the loads and choose the suitable load and demand transportation.
  • In the management panel of the carriers company, the company can create users for its operators, view the loads registered by the operators and track them and issue them a bill of lading.
  • In the general management panel of the website, all settings are able to done.

Technologies used:

  • Back end or API service is written by Django framework in Python language.
  • The applications are written in Angular language and in Ionic framework.
  • The carrier management panel is written in Angular language and in the Angular framework.