General Principles of Website Management

General Principles of Website Management

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The general principles of setting up each website consist of two processes: website design,support and website management. After the website design process is finished, you should be able to manage your website well.

Many people’s impression is that website management is just putting information inside the website and updating the content. While website management should review and evaluate all the affairs of the website and use the cooperation of experts and experienced people to do these things. Among the most important tasks of website management are the following:

– Codification of regulations, regulations and website prospects

– Maintaining website security

– Discover website bugs

– Organizing users and members of the website

– Responding to users

Website management can be analyzed in several sections:

– Strategic

Strategic management of the website means setting the program and policies, perspectives and goals of the website.

– Technical

The technical management of the website relates to the technical issues of the website including the structure of the website and the programming language of the website.

– Content

We need to see if our website is service-driven or content-driven. Service-based websites are the main job of providing services. Content-driven websites have been launched with the aim of providing employees with special content.

– Graphics

As important as the content of the site is, the graphics and beauty of the site is also one of the most important and essential points. Website graphics management should have a complete nobility both on template design and on website graphics issues.

– Security

The most important and fundamental part of website management is managing its security. When you set up a site, you should be ready to attack hackers. Among other things that could disrupt the site’s security is the disclosure of the username and the loss of the content of the website.

Despite all the points mentioned, there are still some things to consider when setting up a website and managing the site, which of course we will talk more about in future articles.

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